Some Brief Linkage

I ought to write something more intelligent today, but I have had a frustrating evening struggling with really badly written web sites and I’m not in a good mood. In lieu of anything from me, here’s some other folks:

– Sam Jordison reviews Mary Renault’s Fire from Heaven for The Guardian;

The Independent gets the low down on gay animals, including talking to Bruce Bagemihl of Biological Exuberance fame;

The Economist discovers that gender development is even more complicated than anyone thought;

– Jennifer Ouellette takes a look at an amazing gestural user interface;

Kay Holt and Sarah Goslee write about ecosystems for Science in my Fiction. (So how come women never submit science articles to Clarkesworld, hmm?)

4 thoughts on “Some Brief Linkage

  1. What Kay said. I’d be happy to write nonfic for Clarkesworld, but I didn’t even realize that it ws a potential outlet. The query page focuses so heavily on genre issues that I missed the “scientific material” clause.

    Are there areas of science that would be more or less welcome?

    1. The non-fiction submission guidelines are here. Take a look at what we’ve done in the past year and offer me something different. The more useful it is likely to be to SF readers and/or writers the better.

  2. Some of us are busy finishing up science degrees!

    I’ve only got 100 days left on my MSEE, though, and on my to-do list for September it says: “Look at writing sci article for Clarkesworld.” ‘Struth!

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