Immigration in Europe

On of the depressing things about my recent troubles with US immigration has been the number of people who have assumed that this is a uniquely American phenomenon, and that every other country in the world treats travelers and prospective immigrants fairly. This, I’m sorry to say, is rubbish. Indeed, one of the reasons why I and other white, middle-class people are suddenly having trouble with the US is that the Americans have stopped giving privileged treatment to white, middle-class people and now treat them almost as badly as they treat everyone else.

As to Europe, if you want to know how we treat prospective economic migrants, try this BBC story from last year, or this Guardian story from today.

Mainly, however, I want you to read this, because one of the most shameful aspects of UK immigration policy is their persistent habit of turning away LGBT people who are likely to be executed if they are returned to their “home” countries. This is not just a case of preventing me from attending science fiction conventions, it is all about saving a young woman from at least a savage beating, and quite possibly saving her life. If you want to get mad about what immigration authorities do, sign this petition to help Kiana Firouz now.

Also, if you are in the UK, do not vote Conservative in the coming election. (I’d add don’t vote BNP or UKIP either, but I somehow doubt that anyone planning to do so would read this blog.)

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5 Responses to Immigration in Europe

  1. Dan Goodman says:

    It’s my impression that the three countries of North America treat immigrants better than most of the rest of the world does — at least, after they’re admitted.

    Which is a depressing thought.

    • Cheryl says:

      It depends a lot on who the immigrant is and where they end up. But in general rich countries with existing multi-cultural societies treat immigrants better than poorer countries and those with less experience of dealing with other cultures. It also depends a lot on how much capacity a country has to accommodate more population, which gives Canada a significant advantage.

  2. Daniel Spector says:

    Alomst, but not quite: According to the friend recently refused from USia, middle class white people definitely have it better- as a single example from that serices of events, the brown elderly grandma she was in line near got handcuffed and dragged, apparently for the crime of not speaking English.

    We shant discuss the “holding facility”…

    • Cheryl says:

      Agreed. I said “almost” very deliberately, and was worried it was over-stating the case. Nevertheless I’ve been dismayed at the number of people who have assumed that I should not have been treated badly because I don’t look like a potential illegal immigrant.

      • Daniel Spector says:

        I have so many issues around this topic, but at the moment primary in the limelight is the fact that the US defaults to treating anybody who is suspected of breaking, misunderstanding or-in bekitty’s case- following precisely but with improper intent (thoughtcrime)- the rules and treating them like dangerous, violent criminals.

        Stopped in the middle of the following paragraph and deranted. No point, really.

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