8 thoughts on “The One They Missed

  1. I would rather call it Kittenzilla. Hey I love Bob Eggleton’s art and Godzilla films, so that influences my view alot.

  2. Tom, you might rather call it Kittenzilla, but it actually is called Kitten Kong.

    (Did Godzilla climb talll buildings the way that Kong did?)

    As for the absence of KK from the video, I mentioned that to Dr Plokta immediately after it had been shown at the bid party. I’m sure quite a few others will have suggested it by now.

    1. You are right Godzilla didn’t climb buildings in any of his movies. It just adds a certain panache to the name.

      1. We need a Kittenzilla stomping among the buildings, I agree. But there’s also a nice ring to Ki’n Kong climbing the PO Tower and echoing the original King Kong.

        (Even a kitten named Twinkle.)

  3. I highly recommend Dav Pilkey’s two wonderful kids books – Cat Kong, and Dogzilla! Wonders of cut and paste illustration, pre-Photoshop.

  4. Did they miss … ” In ‘The Mummy Returns’ part of the action takes place in London and on a double decker bus. What was the number of the bus and what was its final destination according to the display board on the front of the bus? ” .. just asking ..in a non- aggressive sort of way.

    There are LOTS of TV/Film Media references in that very accomplished little presentation but .. Some Literary Cove SHOULD do a similar presentation that involves LONDON related BOOKS and book covers .. NO, I’m not volunteering, just saying that SOMEONE of the literary persuasion should ..given the HUGO AWARDS/Worldcon tilt toward literature and its derivations in the Media Arts .. DO a competitive Literary Presentation that isn’t Quite so inclined toward Dr Who … not that there’s anything Wrong with Dr Who .. Oh Dearie Me NO.

    I have more than sufficient problems of late without adding fanatical Dr Who Assassins to the List.

    Also, on cats … Cute Puppies are BEST.

    1. You Will Be Ex-Ter-Min-A-Ted!

      Especially if you were suggesting that I undertake such a Herculean task. Thankfully Roz Kaveney can do a much better job than I, so I shall leave it to her.

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