In Which There Is Much Swearing

Today I due to do three live panels. So today my netbook decided to die on me. I think it is only the screen that has gone, but even so it is unusable. I do have a laptop with me, but it doesn’t have much battery life so for live coverage it really needs to be tethered. There are plenty of power points around, but this could be a problem.

Fortunately I also have the iPhone, but I’d rather not have to use that for CiL because I don’t know what sort of controls I’ll have through that interface and I need the iPhone to keep an eye on Twitter. *sigh*

Why me?

4 thoughts on “In Which There Is Much Swearing

  1. You caught me with your NC-17 warning.

    I hope the laptop and iPhone are working out for you.

  2. Hi Cheyl,

    I occurs to me that should Jon Courtney Grimwood be at Eastercon, and should you Bump into him .. quite a Bump given the sheer amount of non -functional I.T. Tech that you are carrying around with you .. you might ask him what in Hell has happened to the publication of the second Ashraf Bey Trilogy which was supposed to be on it’s way Long Long Ago .. the first of the Second sounded like Classic Golden Age Detective Fiction as he described it but there is the possibility that I might have miss-understood. I’m reasonably sure that he did say , at that time, that he had written the First of the Second Three.

    I Can’t recall anything that he’s had published just lately but my Memory is not at it’s Best at the moment.


      1. Damn! I should have thought of it Much Earlier. I do hope that your portable IT technology is back to behaving itself.

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