P-Con, Briefly

The travel went fine, as you may have seen on Twitter. Juliet McKenna was apparently much less fortunate, but I think she has made it. I shall get the story out of her tomorrow, but she is OK.

In the absence of Jules I managed to snag an invite to dinner with Bob Nielson, Colin Harvey and Mike Shevdon. Bob took us to a favorite Italian restaurant of his. I had Pizza Diavolo, primarily because the menu promised “spacy Italian salami”. Sadly I am not tripping out as a result, but it did taste good.

I had a nice chat with Nick Harkaway in the bar, but have not got to meet the famous Mrs. H. yet as civil rights campaigners don’t get holidays and she was on the phone doing something very important that I don’t know whether I can blog about.

The big problem is the hotel Internet, which doesn’t like Windows 7 very much and doesn’t like my email at all. (Very annoying as it worked last year.) I can get a web browser to work, but I don’t yet know if I can get Skype to work. More testing is required. If I can get Skype running I’ll be calling in a report to Star Ship Sofa on Sunday afternoon.

On the way over I finished reading Kaaron Warren’s Walking the Tree, which is a fascinating book that I need to write about. I have just started N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and a few chapters in I am very impressed. I can’t remember being this excited about a book for a long time.

2 thoughts on “P-Con, Briefly

  1. Excellent! I’ll probably be there Sunday.

    As for the internet, make sure you’ve logged in through Internet Explorer before you do anything. That usually works!

    1. You are a genius, Dani. I had, of course, tried Firefox and Chrome. It hadn’t occurred to me that Eirecom would be stupid enough to create a system that could only log you on using IE, but apparently they have. Brian actually fixed it for me before I saw your comment, but he did exactly what you suggested. Everything is working now.

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