ICFA Photos

There are photos of ICFA available online from Ellen Datlow and Kathryn Cramer. Incredibly both of them have managed to take photos of me without destroying their cameras.

And if you are wondering why, in one of Kathryn’s photos (actually taken by David Hartwell) I am photographing Lisa Yasek’s back, well you will have to wait for my pictures. I have them all ready, but I have offered Liza first call on them for Locus.

3 thoughts on “ICFA Photos

  1. Hehe, in Ellen’s photo’s I’m identified as “Diana,” Gary Wolfe’s assistant. You know, I think Diana suits me better than “Karen,” a name of which I’ve never been particularly fond. Maybe I should stick with that… except then Curtis would get terribly confused, as he has a niece by that name. Oh well.

    Still, if Gary was happy to have a protege, imagine how thrilled he’ll be to have an assistant!

    Thanks for the links!

  2. Well obviously the secret identity is Karen, down-to-Earth, practical engineering major. However, I’m keeping mum about my secret hideaway. You’ll never find it! Bwahahaha!

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