The Lush Swag Bag

Yesterday I was in Bristol for a BristolCon committee meeting (all going well – expect an announcement about guests at the beginning of February). Naturally I did some shopping too, and that included going to Lush. On entering the shop I was greeted by one of the staff with the very temping news that if I spent £20 I would get a freebie bag full of left-over Christmas products worth at least £25 for free. Well it isn’t hard to spend £20 in Lush, and so I got this huge bag full of stuff. The only question was, what was in it?

Well there’s a bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel, which I shall definitely use. The rest of it looks like bath ballistics and the like. I have been able to identify some of it. There’s a Candy Cane bubble bar and a couple of Puddy Holly ballistics, but the rest of it is a bit mysterious. There are two plain white ballistics that could be several things, and two ballistics that appear to have measles. There’s a jolly fat Santa, a snowman, a pink star and a block of something black with glitter in it.

The main problem with this is that it is almost all bath stuff. I don’t have a bath here, and the one in California is, as with most US baths, child-sized. Anyone who is likely to see me in the next few weeks and likes Lush stuff, please yell. (Yes, that includes anyone going to P-Con.)

Also of interest to fellow Lushies is the new newsletter which contains some product announcements. The cover is given over to something called Turkish Delight, which allegedly contains 20,000 rose petals in every pot. It is billed as a “smoothie shower soap”, but apparently the best way to use it is to smear it all over and then go and sit in a sauna and let it soak in. I am beginning to think that a trip to Finland is in order.

Another new product is Space Girl – a Saturn-shaped ballistic. Active ingredients include grapefruit, bergamot and almond oil. I’m not sure what it will smell like, but it looks great.

Neither of these new products is in the stores yet, but they should be there soon.

Oh, and if any straight men have made it this far without fleeing in terror, please remember that in 3 weeks time you’ll be expected to provide a suitably girly present for someone special. Hint.

Update: Very important word added, with profuse apologies to my gay male friends, many of whom are Lush addicts too.

8 thoughts on “The Lush Swag Bag

  1. Ooh, Snow Fairy. Might be a shower gel, but for those without a proper shower, it seems to work well as a liquid soap. So, the Lush-addicted offspring says.

  2. I am beginning to think that a trip to Finland is in order.

    Or there’s the Relaxation Centre up in that there Clifton – save you the air fare anyhow!

  3. Hi Cheryl, I’m a big Lush addict too, but I make an exception for ‘Snow Fairy’. It’s the most vile thing I’ve ever smelled. It might have something to do with my life-long bubble-gum phobia, but this pink stuff smells like the most rancid, nasty bubble gum ever. It’s as if they thought, ‘Everything we make smells too darn good, so let’s make something really disgusting to redress the balance.’ I would’ve been pretty horrified to get Snow Fairy in a freebie bag – talk about ‘can’t even give it away’! It gets a huge URGH from me.

    Sorry about that rant, I usually love their stuff!

    I understand, from a friend who spent a fortune in Lush while I was with her, that the fat Santa smells of mandarins and is very nice.

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