Snow Update

We still have plenty of snow around, and the long range forecast is still not predicting a thaw before the end of the week. I could probably go out in it as it is, but I have a good excuse for testing Sainsbury’s delivery service. If it works OK, then if I’m off in California and for some reason my mum can’t get out, I can still order food in for her. (No, she can’t use the Internet herself — long story.)

So, with any luck, fresh milk, bread, fruit, fruit juice and even some chicken should be arriving Wednesday morning. We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Snow Update

  1. I found grocery delivery in California very useful for emergencies (I used Safeway). Unfortunately I had to be extremely careful and double check the order when it arrived because they did make mistakes and “substitutions” (there’s a check box buried in the web site declaring no substitutions). And the fresh fruit and veg was “what they could grab”, not “what I would grab” from the bins. I hope Sainsbury’s is better.

    1. Grocery stores in the UK are notorious for “selecting” the poorest quality food for delivery. I’m expecting stuff at the sell by date, but it will be needed immediately anyway. The only thing I’m worried about is the chicken. And yes, I checked “no substitutes” for most of it.

  2. Have somebody you trust who is outside the UK place an order to make sure they aren’t blocking foreign IPs.

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