Snowed In?

“Temperatures -22C Overnight!” screamed the BBC news this morning. Well, they were if you lived in a particular, remote part of Scotland. Here, near the coast of Darkest Somerset they were more like -6, though I suspect that Liz and Liyi, who are much further inland, had it a lot colder.

Nevertheless I am sort of snowed in. The snow isn’t very thick outside, but it is still there and by now it will be very icy. The school is closed, and we haven’t had mail for a couple of days. If need be I could go out, but I am a very poorly manufactured human being, and one of the many shortcomings of my body is dreadful balance. If I slip, it is pretty much guaranteed that I will fall, and fall awkwardly thereby damaging something. I’d rather avoid that if I can.

Also I don’t really have appropriate footwear. I don’t need boots in California, and as I’m living out of a suitcase most of the rest of the time boots are not high on my priority list.

Fortunately I did see this coming and have enough food to last at least another week. I’ve used the last of the fresh meat, and I’ll run out of bread, fruit juice and fresh fruit earlier than that, but I have plenty of dried and tinned food, and things like biscuits and cheese.

The 10-day forecast on suggests we’ll finally get a thaw a week from Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Snowed In?

  1. Yep, very similar here. I had to go out today to get some douments faxed & copies and managed to fall over on my way home despite boots- fortunately without seriously damaging anything bar my dignity.

    I do have pleanty of wine, tinned & frozen food and even some part-baked bread that didn’t get used over christmas so will be fine for a while…

  2. Ah, we long for -22C. We’re doing -24F here tonight. We’ve been doing -15F regularly for a few days now. We managed to stock up on necessaries too, so we’ll last out the next couple days. We’re expecting to get up to near 0C on Sunday and through next week. We hope the street in front of the house will be plowed sometime this weekend.

    I did enjoy the sat. picture of GB covered in white. It’s pretty. But, I wish you warmth and safety.

    And a friend in the middle of Florida is expecting snow tomorrow. It must be winter.

    Cheer’s from Omaha.

  3. It’s Grim Up North too but we must Consider Our Blessings and think of Those less Fortunate .. just lately I keep getting Internet Adverts for a ” Mammoth Sale ! ” I just hope that these Mammoths will go to good homes but fear that they may end up in bite sized chunks in Cheryls freezer.

    It’s shameful! And we are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. Don’t these people appreciate that a Mammoth is for life and not just for Christmas?

  4. From my years on the East Coast the lesson I learned the hard way (literally) is that ice is much more dangerous than snow. Snow of less than a foot could usually be managed in athletic shoes with a good sole. Ice usually made me fall down, no matter my footwear.

    Hope you stay safe and warm.

  5. I grew up in the midwest of the US (Iowa) where this kind of numbing cold, and massive drops of snow are the norm in winter. Nowhere else I’ve lived has anyone been prepared for it or known quite what to do once it arrived.

    In a sense, you have the history to know what to expect and how to deal with it–you know about black ice and frostbite. It’s the folks around you who’ve not encountered this inclement ice age before who are effectively the most dangerous to you.

    So…be safe, but don’t go hungry. The best way to stay warm is to have the energy to burn.


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