War is Declared?

So, the draw for the World Cup has taken place, and England’s group includes Algeria, Slovenia and the USA. That will be interesting. Two teams go through from each group. By the FIFA rankings that should be England and USA. But whichever team loses their head-to-head will have a tough tournament.

5 thoughts on “War is Declared?

  1. Well, that’s the best group the UK have had in a long time – there’s nothing there that’s scary on the current form.

    But then it’s usually the knock out stages that do the damage.

  2. It is the best group the US has had since 1994 (when we were the host). I am looking forward to seeing the game live, since it is a Saturday game. I get this feeling that England is a trap game for the US.

  3. After the first three teams had been drawn, I did wonder if we were going to draw France from the European pot. That might have been entertaining — the Group of Revolting Colonials (England v USA, France v Algeria).

  4. Dave: There’s nothing “UK” about an England soccer team. Make that comment in a bar in Glasgow and you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

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