In Full Swing

Here at World Fantasy the Press Office is rather busy. We have a number of in-community journalists here for the whole event, but what really makes me happy is getting in people from outside of the community. Today we have a number of people in from the local media, and that’s keeping me busy. Thankfully I have Kevin and Jean Martin here to help out.

I have also managed to spend some time in the dealers’ room and have come away with one bag of swag. There’s still a lot more I’m looking for, though. I have been away from the US for around 9 months, and a lot of books can get published in that time.

Today is, of course, Halloween. There are people in costumes. Some of them are well known authors. The Blue Meanies are doubtless none too happy, but that’s their problem.

5 thoughts on “In Full Swing

  1. Please explain the Blue Meanies to those who aren’t into the World Fantasy Con scene. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun at World Fantasy Con.

  2. Tom:

    WFC’s particular niche in the convention world is that it caters mainly to pros. Some people feel that this should include looking like a professional conference– i.e., no costumes, regardless of it usually being Halloween weekend. (Even interesting T-shirts are known to draw a few objections.)

  3. That sounds to me like an organization which is terrified that no one will take them seriously if they are not deadly serious at all times.

    Fer cripes’ sake, the White House Press Secretary was dressed up like Darth Vader today. The WFC is not more serious and important than the Executive branch of the United States government.

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