4 thoughts on “Heineken Cup

  1. Having read the various reports – it sounds like it wasn’t for lack of application or endeavour which is a good thing, but that we butchered a number of chances and basic skills were poor.

    i maybe grasping at straws here but 20-6 with plenty of time in Cardiff 22 doesn’t sound like a complete drubbing…?

    i haven’t seen the team this season as I had to give up season ticket(I’ve moved out of london) but we rested Care, Easter and Monye because of EPS requirements and have a not insubstantial number of injury issues. As well as 2 players banned.

    Sadly after this summer’s kerfuffle I don’t think we can expect to do all that well in HEC, particularly with our dubious form in GP. Very low on confidence though not actual team morale.

    Prioritsation is clearly in order, I do not want to be in a position where we have to hope that Leeds aren’t quite good enough to stay up…

    I am hoping to get to the Toulouse match on saturday. If it isn’t pssing it down there will be photos!

    some other interesting results around though, London Irish and Saints particularly.

  2. Will:

    I only saw the first half, but judging from that and the reports of the second half I think your boys did OK, especially as they were missing so many big guns. While I do enjoy your photos, rain may be a big help to you against Toulouse.

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