More RyanAir Fail

The RyanAir web site does not have any means of allowing you to cancel a flight. I’m not expecting a refund. I just wanted to tell them that I would not be taking the flight so that they would have the option to re-sell it to someone else. But apparently my only option is to pay a fortune to phone them. Not much incentive to do that, is there?

11 thoughts on “More RyanAir Fail

  1. They don’t let you cancel the flight and get a Credit for it. I had to cancel a con attendance and flight on Southwest last year. For how Airlines in America act sometimes, I say that any US Airline is a much better airline than RyanAir for Customer service.

  2. I suspect your cancellation is either factored in or they just don’t care. It costs them money, I’d suspect, to admin a flight cancellation, less than they could get on a resale, so why bother?

    Sometimes I still use them, but they are what they are.

  3. Any insights you ever have on travel I will want considering how much you travel. Filing this one under DO NOT USE.

    Sorry to hear it, in any case.

    This may sound random, but I admit a panel or talk I’d love to see you give (even if you have already) at a convention would “How to pack a bag for a convention far away when you can only bring one bag and will be there for two weeks”.

    Not that I don’t already have some clue in this department, but still…that is good clue to spread around.

    And admittedly my usual method is to pack frumpy quickdry camping clothes that look so bad that they’ll pass whatever state they’re in.

    Hope life looks better by tomorrow. : (

  4. Val:

    To be honest, I am a very bad packer, in that I always take more stuff than I need. Most people don’t have the same obsession with clothes that I have, and most people don’t travel so often that they keep a “ready for anything” bag of toiletries so that they don’t need to think about what to pack.

    The only real tip I have is to always pack your clothes in carrier bags, and toiletries in something more robust, rather than just putting them in the suitcase because inevitably airline baggage handlers or the TSA will manage to break something very messy inside your bag.

  5. @ Val – Every now and then Ryanair has some self-generated (almost Ratneresque) PR disaster about what the boss expects from or thinks about his customers, or a story comes out about poor service somewhere and you think, for God’s sake, not going to use them again.

    But then… a couple of years ago I went to Budapest several times, many of them without needing hold luggage, and I got at least three flights to or from Bristol for a penny plus taxes (door-to-door in a little over four hours). I’m not going to take a train to some other part of the country to catch another flight at far more cost in time and money just to avoid Ryanair. If they’re convenient for what you want to do, use them. And actually all the flights I’ve been on with them have lacked any element of horrorshow… of course, I’m lucky in that I don’t have any special needs, kids etc – maybe people like me just encourage them!

  6. It theory it’s possible to cancel a flight and get a refund on the taxes and charges back. However, there’s an admin fee that usually comes to more than the taxes and charges, so it would actually cost you money.

    However, I would urge you to use the on-line check-in facility to check in even though you aren’t turning up for the flight. That way Ryanair have to pay the taxes and charges to the airport and governments rather than pocketing it. And while it’s a close run thing, I’d slightly prefer them to have it than Michael O’Leary!

  7. I’m given to understand that RyanAir are like JetStar (DeathStar) here in Oz. Except much more shoddy and cheaparse. !!!!!. !.

  8. DrJon:

    RyanAir would be mortally offended at the suggestion that anyone could possibly be more shoddy and cheaparse than they are. It is their primary selling point.

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