Hie Thee To Nottingham

Yeah, I know, it must be awful to be famous primarily for someone who may have lived hundreds of years ago but may just be a myth. I wasn’t up to making Brian Clough jokes in a headline. Sorry, people of Nottingham.

Of course Nottingham is also famous for two other things. It is the location of the secret World HQ of Angry Robot Books, whence the furious metal horde will one day march forth to claim their rightful overlordship of the universe. And it is also the current home of FantasyCon. I will be there. Tweetage will happen. As I’m in the UK I can use AudioBoo without fear of roaming charges. There will be the British Fantasy Awards (can Graham Joyce beat the Gaiman Juggernaut?) There will be beer.

And first, there will be trains.

6 thoughts on “Hie Thee To Nottingham

  1. Is the convention in Nottingham next year? And when is novacon?

    EMA is cheap enough to fly into, and I have friends in derby that might be intrested…

  2. Omegar:

    The BFS folks are planning on using this hotel again next year, but they say they haven’t finalized the deal yet – presumably both sides are waiting on how this year’s event turns out. The provisional dates are Sept 17-19.

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