Mercury Station

Mark von Schlegell is one of the most individual and distinctive voices working in SF today. He doesn’t publish much, but I very much liked his debut novel, Venusia, and now the new book, Mercury Station, is due out. Jeff VanderMeer has a review up at BookForum.

2 thoughts on “Mercury Station

  1. Saw the review and ordered the book as well as finally started on Venusia which I bought some years ago but it just got lost in my huge pile of “to read” books…

  2. Forgot one more thing – if you are into weird sf, another interesting recent novel is Filaria by B. Hayward which was published last fall as the debut of ChiZine press.

    I am now reading a pdf review copy and while it has some echoes of Gene Wolfe Long Sun though set in a multi-level structure rather than on a starship, so it’s not quite on Venusia originality level, it is still very good and worth checking out

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