No Miracles Here

I suppose it is possible that a photograph taken by a top-flight professional can make you look stunningly gorgeous when you are not, but if so he’ll probably need plenty of time and the help of a good makeup artist. Kyle Cassidy’s fan photo shoot at Worldcon had neither. Kyle was getting through people very quickly because he had a lot of customers. So the end result is that I still look fat and craggy, because I am overweight and old. But at least I was wearing my speccy Camden market dress, which hopefully helps a bit.

Photo under the fold, and the full set (including some much more attractive people) on Flickr.

Cheryl by Kyle Cassidy

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15 Responses to No Miracles Here

  1. g33kboi says:

    Stop that! You are not fat and craggy. Btw, there are a few very nice (at least I think they are) photos of you from the “Private Passions of Neil Gaiman” panel in my Worldcon pix on Flickr photostream.

  2. You look very nice in that dress, Cheryl.

    I just wish I’d remembered about the photo shoot, because that afternoon I was in my WSFS uniform.

  3. Cheryl says:


    Thank you! Nice picture of the squid too. Though I must admit that my favorite is the bottle of Balvenie Doublewood. It looks positively delicious.

  4. Val says:

    I like the photos from the panel better because you don’t look stiff or nervous . . . you are smiling and enjoying yourself.

    That said, I remember admiring your choice of that dress and your accessorizing of it on the day.


  5. Kelly Buehler says:

    I think you look great in that photo. The dress is nice, too.

  6. Val says:

    And trust me, you are neither fat nor craggy, but I left that out of my original comment because I knew you wouldn’t listen to me, just as I don’t listen to people who tell me I’m not a pizzaface when I have a teenage-face-on-a-nonteenager-week (like a bad hair day, but longer).

  7. g33kboi says:


    The Doublewood is devine! I highly recommend it. Btw, does the squid have a name?

  8. g33kboi says:

    devine ≠ divine. Doh! I can too spell. ::embarrassed::

  9. Cheryl says:

    The squid’s name is Aloysius.

  10. You look fantastic, so there!

    I have been following Kyle’s work for many years- he has “it”, whatever it is.

  11. I think you look lovely!

    I didn’t get my picture taken by Kyle (except in the bathroom with Neil and I still have no copy of that)…

    But what I wanted to say was you certainly weigh less than I do and I think that I look good in pictures, so there’s no need to beat up on yourself like that! =)

  12. When I went over there, he took about 2 seconds to pick an angle and snap the best photo of me that had been taken in at least a decade. (He took a second one, which is the one that’s actually on Flickr.)

    I feel much the same about my photo as you do about yours– but I think your photo is lovely.

  13. It’s a real bear getting a subject to relax and feel confident before a strange photographer in just a few seconds. Kyle is way better than average at achieving that and producing a good picture.

    As it is, your picture is representative (which is good, and something I strive for in my own photos) and attractive (which is also good, and something I strive for in my own photos).

  14. katster says:

    It’s a beautiful picture. I’ve been wandering through that set and they’re all amazing pictures, but I really like this one of you. It’s a gorgeous dress and you look really happy.


  15. Yonmei says:

    Cheryl, every time I see a woman say something like this, it drives me mad that I don’t remember to say more often what so frequently comes to mind when meeting women I know from online; “You look great!”

    You looked fabulous in that dress.

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