11 thoughts on “Glass Houses Department

  1. Damn – I jest spent time there putting together arguments. I had forgotten whose link I had followed to get there, but once there I got hot under the collar…Couldn’t leave til I’d had a chance to argue…

  2. Update – he has since shut down comments on that entry (and all previous comments are hidden) and locked all other comments on all other entries to friends only. So having invited discussion and gotten responses, they can not now be read nor can any further discussion take place.

  3. Not sure what is kookier the idea that Timothy Leary is still alive or that self control is *paramount* in sexual matters. What happens if he loses control? 😉

  4. Yeah, I was just going to point out that he’s hidden or deleted all comments on that post, as well as disabling them, which is a shame, given some of his responses.

    He announces the disablement here, but doesn’t refer to disappearing the comments that had already been made. He blames “trolls.”

    I smell Pervertarian conspiracy!

  5. I suspect that his agent and/or publisher may have had a quiet word. He’s nowhere near as big as Card and can’t afford to piss people off without worrying about the consequences.

  6. I like that theory Cheryl. His words seem to condemn him in a number of ways if the subtext is taken into account. We love whackos, but only benign ones.

  7. “He’s nowhere near as big as Card and can’t afford to piss people off without worrying about the consequences.”

    Too late. I’ve already seen over a dozen links, and that’s not even counting anything on LiveJournal; it’s already hit Metafilter. His Wikipedia entry got changed to “is an American bigot” before being changed back, and that’s all just this evening….

    Also, take a look at this.

  8. His agent and/or publisher must really have their hands full given the string of very idiosyncratic postings he’s made in various forums. There should be some kind of warning attached for the risk of Eyes Permanently Glazing Over syndrome.

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