Masquerade Good and Bad

As I have noted over on my live masquerade coverage was torpedoed by decisions made elsewhere. I am slowly calming down from wanting to drop the person responsible from the highest building in Montreal, into a deep pit that leads directly to a pool of molten lava.

Thankfully the show itself was very good. We had 26 entries totaling around 40 people. Most of them appeared to be very competent. My den required almost no looking after. Amongst my den, particular congratulations are due to Midna the Imp, who walked off with the Best in Class Workmanship prize for novices. The half time show was a bit of a flop, but I enjoyed myself anyway showing Irene Gallo and Don Dos Santos around backstage.

I’ll write a lot more in my con report, but right now I am falling asleep at the keyboard so I should go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Masquerade Good and Bad

  1. I could have worked something up for you, lent you a lap top and you could have bought 2 hours of palais internet etc.

    Always check with Program Ops, sometimes we CAN work miracles.

  2. Well, the half-time show was created by a crew member that morning from, ahem, “available materials”…

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