Know Your Squid

Deep Sea News tries (probably in vain) to teach journalists the difference between a giant squid and a Giant Squid.

While tiny in comparison to their more illustrious kin, the Humboldt squid is nevertheless a fearsome predator. It can grow up to 6 feet or more in length and 100 lbs or more in weight. While the recent attempt of a group of Humboldt squid to attend ComicCon in San Diego was an embarrassing failure, their plan to lay siege to California is still progressing well. The only problem the squid have are mysterious aliens in flying saucers boats who insist on capturing them and giving them anal probes and the like, as this KQED film reveals.

3 thoughts on “Know Your Squid

  1. Absolutely Master. You will note that I have said nothing at all about the mysterious unit markings and rank insignia found on the suicide squads that so bravely attempted to storm San Diego.

  2. So we’ve got Giant Squid, Jumbo Squid and (not mentioned in the articles) Colossal Squid (which aren’t as long as Giant Squid but are more massive).

    Humboldt (Jumbo pronounced with a Spanish accent?) squid are good eatin’ though. I’m wondering how soon a fishing industry grows up around them.

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