Truth Today

The Iron Sky guys are an endless source of amusement. For Finncon they have produced a mock tabloid newspaper called Truth Today. Naturally it leads with the rumor that there are Nazis on the Moon! It also has a bunch of other spoof articles, including “United States Accepts Soccer as Sport”.

4 thoughts on “Truth Today

  1. America has accepted Soccer as a Sport. It just isn’t in the mainstream sports fans (the ones who care only about the NFL, Baseball) that haven’t caught on to it. I root for my nation in the World Cup and live in an area with an excellent pro Soccer team (Indoor).

  2. All the American kids play soccer now, starting with my cousins who were born in the early ’80s. It’s easier than baseball and safer than football. Though they don’t let them head the balls any more. As pro sports go, ice hockey is clearly the best, though. 😉

  3. Which just goes to show that they chose the wrong spoof story. What they should have done was, “Archaeologists discover long lost American sense of humor.”

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