Farewell Melbourne, I’ll Be Back

Well, that’s my day in Melbourne done. Many thanks to Terry and Sal for recommending a great restaurant in Brunswick Street (which is actually very easy to get to by tram from the convention center), and to Alan Stewart whose presence was a lovely surprise.

I’d happily stay here another week, but tomorrow morning I’m flying out to Auckland. I shall have to be very careful not to pick up any sniffles there, because given the level of swine flu paranoia around here I doubt that I’d get back in. Let’s see, I’m going to a convention and I somehow have to avoid getting a cold…

Oh dear.

3 thoughts on “Farewell Melbourne, I’ll Be Back

  1. Tom:

    The chances of my catching Swine Flu are very low, and even if I do it appears that most people get such light symptoms that they don’t notice they have it. The problem is catching something else that the border security people cannot distinguish from Swine Flu. Something like hay fever, or a perfectly ordinary cold.

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