3 thoughts on “Epinal Photos Online

  1. I hope some of the French Costumers come across the ocean to Montreal. The lady in stilts would be an amazing costume to see at the Worldcon Masquerade. It would give me hope to see lots of young adults at Anticitipation.

  2. I believe that the lady on stilts was a professional performer.

    There were not many costumes at Imaginales, but I did notice a bunch of people dressed in the uniforms of the Knights of the Emerald from the Anne Robilard novels. As Anne is Quebecois I’m hoping they might be persuaded to turn up, but I don’t see her on the convention’s membership list.

  3. We’re told Anne Robillard will be out of the country (Canada) during the Worldcon, so we don’t expect her to be there.

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