It’s A Conspiracy

One well-known UK journalist reviews a book by another well-known UK journalist…

No, wait, stop. It is getting to me as well.

In today’s Independent Johann Hari reviews David Aaronovitch’s new book, Voodoo Histories, which is all about (your guessed it) conspiracy theories.

It’s true, we are all trying to get you to buy books.

3 thoughts on “It’s A Conspiracy

  1. actually, some of us are just trying to get people to READ books. Buying would be nice, of course, ’cause it encourages that writing thing so there are more books to read.

  2. It’s not like this stuff is new. Haven’t you heard the one about how the evil Sanhedrin ran roughshod over that nice Roman governor to get the guy crucified?

  3. Neil:

    Personally I think the whole comet impact thing was a ruse cooked up by the dinosaurs so that we won’t realize that they haven’t actually died out, but are actually living inside the planet (which is hollow, as everyone knows).

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