Montreal Watch

Here is the promised live coverage window for the Montreal site visit. Kevin and I won’t be online all day, but this should take Twitter feeds from anything we say and anything tagged #worldcon.

6 thoughts on “Montreal Watch

  1. “Here I thought it was going to be real-time coverage of a tour of Montreal watering holes.”

    Hey: I’d be totally up for that, with a number of the ‘usual suspects’.


  2. Thank you. Between you and JohnZ this was the best weekend I could have missed.

    Also good to see schemes come to fruition…

  3. way cool!

    discussion of committee proximitee reminded me of Suncon (’77).

    Chair was in New Jersey, members were NJ, PA, NY, MD, DC, etc.

    A full-on committee meeting was rare, but a small core group usually met once every two weeks or so (more frequently the closer THE DAY came), and other groups that interacted regularly of necessity met on their own schedules.

    Most everyone was pretty good at taking down action items, working through a task in the intervening period and then reporting back at a meeting. As I recall, most large meetings involved coordination issues; phone calls were popular, as were one-on-three meetings with specific individuals and/or lunches, brunches, dinners with just a few folks in attendance.

    I got in trouble with my mother as the result of one of the world’s earliest electronic forensic investigations. I did not have permission to take her car on the trip to the chair’s house and did so anyway. A credit card receipt tripped me up about a month later – busted!

    But in reality, the majority of the pull it all together work actually took place at the con: we trusted that those responsible had lined their ducks up and would show up with finished programs. The glitches and forgotten items were handled on the fly with good old fashioned fannish ingenuity – or by hiding in your hotel room with the sheets pulled up over your head.

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