Comics for Girls

I found this at Tia Nevitt’s excellent Fantasy Debut blog. Traditionalists are presumably going to hate it, but I just love what Marvel has done with the packaging.

Personally, of course, I’d prefer Austen spiced with zombies. A generous helping of habanero zombies, in fact. But I can still appreciate a bit of marketing genius when I see it.

Heck, I might even be attracted by 17 secrets about summer dresses if I didn’t know that Regency fashions are unremittingly hideous. The cover, I think, does an excellent job of picking themes while still leaving the poor girl looking reasonably stylish.

Interview with the writer here. Preview artwork here.

3 thoughts on “Comics for Girls

  1. I was unable to find it! Marvel’s subscription link is broken. I’m going to have to send my husband to the comic book store. He’s my hero!

    I do have a bit of a comic book background. I followed–with my husband–all of the X Books for about three years.

  2. I grew up on Marvel UK’s Fantastic and Terrific, so I was with the X-Men from #1. For a long time I wanted to grow up to be Jean Grey. Then Chris Claremont happened.

  3. There is a Pride, Prejudice and Zombies SC coming out soon. It was in a Previews Plus I saw recently. I am a comics fan and I hope to be on some panels at Anticipation.

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