Starting a List

As you might expect, given the date, odd stories are turning up all over the Internet today. Here are some of my favorites:

I will doubtless be adding to this through the day.
If you spot any good ones, feel free to add them in comments.

By the way, they don’t only happen on web sites. Kudos to Graham Sleight who tweeted that Twitter would be restricting posts to 70 characters from now on in an effort to cut costs.

Andrew Wheeler and Grant Kruger both have good lists of posts.

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9 Responses to Starting a List

  1. One of the ironies of the Guardian’s Twitter joke is that one of the more interesting articles on the Guardian web site today is part the coverage of the G20 demonstrations in the City, which are being reported by 4 of their regular bloggers via Twitter. See
    Not quite as much fun as the Guardian ball-by-ball cricket commentary, but has real immediacy.

  2. New Dollar Sign Proposed by Congress to Reflect Economic Conditions:

  3. PurpleRanger says:

    John Scalzi had an entry on the Whatever linking to a post about something called Squeez Bacon:

    His entry said, in essence, Yes, I’ve seen it already.

  4. Cheryl says:


    What, you mean I can’t buy any… Waaaaa! 😉

    (Actually what I want to know is why someone thought the Swedes would invent something like that.)

  5. And I see that Expedia is offering a fare sale on trips to Mars.

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