Good Tweet Advice

With Twitter apparently taking the world by storm I see a lot of people asking basic questions like “what is it for” and “what can I do with it”? I also see a lot of people writing articles with titles like “Five golden rules for successful tweeting” and “Tweet your way to riches”. These are mainly nonsense. Two things you can say for certain about Twitter are there there is no One Correct Way to use it, and it won’t (by itself) make you rich. Given the noise level out there, I thought it was worth point out this simple, basic article which really tells you pretty much all you need to know about using Twitter. Beyond that, what use you make of it is down to your personal needs. (I have four Twitter accounts, and I use them in very different ways.)

3 thoughts on “Good Tweet Advice

  1. OK – now I’m curious – if it’s the sort of thing one discusses in this sort of forum, how do you use 4 different account? I’ve just about barely been able to keep up with the one :>.

  2. Twilight:

    I have my personal account (which you follow) and the SFAW account (which you may also follow). I’m also jointly responsible for the Hugo Awards feed. And I have an account for my business.

    The SFAW and Hugo accounts are not very interactive. They are primarily news services. I really only have to follow @replies. And the business traffic is quite low.

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