5 thoughts on “Blast from the Past

  1. If you handed out flyers of it again I would think was cool, fwiw. Although I’d probably write “New Fan Friendly” rather than Neo in case it might confuse people.

    My first literary con (i.e. the first con I went to as an attendee rather than a tech) was a miserable experience but for the folks who reached out and said hi, since I was painfully shy, so I empathize with this list muchly, even though I came in as a tech rather than a media con-goer.

  2. It wasn’t me that was handing out fliers at Chicon 2000. The whole thing was Julie Stickler’s project. I just happened to pick up one of her fliers and asked if I could publish it, which I did, much to the annoyance of much of SMOFdom.

    FWIW, my first con was fairly miserable too as far as fandom was concerned. However, I did get to talk to John Brunner and Julian May, and I met a young lad called Neil Gaiman who turned out to be very friendly. You never know what might happen at a con.

  3. Sadly, it’ll always be valid and necessary. I’ve seen BNFs and SMOFs give lip-service to these propositions while at the same time exercising the very type of insular, divisive, exclusionary politics which is being decried by that document.

    To be honest, it’s one of the reasons I left fandom.

  4. But drjon, if you leave, how can it change?

    Cheryl–heh, in some ways I’m still a neo myself I guess. I had to google two of the three folks you mentioned…that’s one of the things that keeps me in fandom–that there is always more to discover. Well, that and finding like-minded folks in fandom who are annoyed by the same stuff that annoys me, and want to see it change, and not just in fandom, either.

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  5. @V47, no offence, but if you honestly think that “DrJon is the Last Best Hope For Fandom!” I’ve got some news for you. Or a bridge for sale. Your choice. シ

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