Neil & Amanda: With Added Artwork

Thanks to the generosity of Neil and Amanda, and the help of Amanda’s colleague, Beth, I have been able to add some artwork to my video diary of the Dublin reading. Now you can not only listen to Neil reading, and Amanda singing, but also view a variety of Amanda corpses. There is some very fine photography in the Who Killed Amanda Palmer book – much of it by Kyle Cassidy, who it turns out has a more direct connection to the SF community as his last LJ post saw him enthusing over getting to meet the likes of Ellen Datlow, Michael Swanwick and Greg Frost.

Anyway, the whole diary, now complete with dead Amandas, can be viewed here.

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  1. Not right now. Loading a page with a whole pile of YouTube links on it is liable to be a bit slow, so I figured that breaking it up would help. But if you would prefer it as a single page I can do that.

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