Twitter Fears Confirmed

So, inspired by the comment by Mulluane I finally devoted some time to looking for Twitter tools. I think Mulluane is using TwitKit, but my friend Mr. Google took me to this article, on the basis of which I think I am going to try twhirl.

Why? Because twhirl happens to include a search function. So I did a quick search for @CherylMorgan and, lo and behold, I found people Twittering away at me and wondering why I hadn’t acknowledged them. With twhirl it looks like I can find them and respond without having to follow their entire tweet stream. This would be very good.

Next I need to set up a Google Alert for @CherylMorgan. And no, that is not ego-scanning. It is looking for people trying to get my attention.

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6 Responses to Twitter Fears Confirmed

  1. Adam Israel says:

    TweetDeck is also a nice twitter client. It separates direct messages and replies so you don’t miss them.

  2. Cheryl says:


    But does it find replies from people you are not following?

  3. katster says:

    The @-replies section on the main twitter website seems to catch everybody who @-replies me, whether we’re following each other or not. (At least, scanning through a few pages of back entry, I see somebody who has done an @katster whom I’m not following.)

    I like twhirl, although I should really try out tweetdeck one of these days.


  4. Adam Israel says:

    Cheryl: Yep, it sure does.

  5. Cheryl says:


    Hmm, so it does. I’d never thought to check that. Thanks. (Though I’ll still check out some of these tools.)


    OK, maybe a look at TweetDeck too.

  6. Terry Frost says:

    I’m using Twirl at the moment and it does the job admirably. Having a button which shortens urls is useful, too.

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