UK, What Are You Thinking?

No, this is not a post about the Cummings and Goings in Westminster. This is about book. That lovely cover is for Tate Hallaway’s fabulous Unjust Cause. It is selling like the proverbial hot cakes in the USA — well over 100 copies a month at full price. And it has the magic 50 reviews so it should be nice and visible. In the UK it has been priced at around £2 all month. Nothing to do with me, it is an Amazon thing that they didn’t tell me about. And yet, in 26 days of it being on sale, not one UK customer has bought a copy!

People, what are you thinking? This is a great fun book about a girl coroner and her dragon boyfriend, with a very serious punch to the ending. I know it is book #2, but you don’t need to have read Precinct 13 to enjoy this one. Get out there and snap it up while it is cheap.

2 thoughts on “UK, What Are You Thinking?

  1. It looks like book 1 in the series is not available on kindle (or at all) in the UK, which would normally put me off. I’ve just snagged Book 2, on the basis of your statement that you can read it as a stand alone (long time blog reader: I have some reason to trust your opinion), but it’s branded as a series, so – the challenges of not having the whole series with the same publisher, I guess.

    1. That’s very strange. I have the book on Kindle, so I guess it must have been available at some point.

      It would be nice if Berkeley would give us the rights to the first book, but I suspect that right now they are wondering why the book is suddenly selling so well.

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