Attention, Feedburner Users

Back in the day, Feedburner was a useful way for people to stay up to date with blogs. That was before Google effectivly killed off RSS. But it isn’t gone. Websites still pump out feeds, and slowly the infrastructure around them is returning.

Meanwhile the WordPress plugins that used to enable people to subscribe to FeedBurner have all gone. I have a dead plugin that I need to get rid of as it might be a security risk. But I have some 30 people still apparently subscribed to this blog via Feedburner. If you are still out there (and not just dead email addresses), I don’t want to lose you.

What I have done is sign up to a new RSS service called Follow.It. You can subscribe to my feed there. It looks to be somewhat more flexible that FeedBurner, which is nice. But I now need to close the Feedburner account for this site. I’d like to make sure I don’t lose the existing subscribers. I have all of your emails so I can transfer you over. If one of those people is you, please get in touch so I can check that the transfer has gone OK.

6 thoughts on “Attention, Feedburner Users

  1. Okay. I’ve switched over. When Google killed Google Reader I switched to TheOldReader and just kept doing things the way I’d always done. And apparently a few other folks did something similar.

    1. Thanks Dennis, much appreciated. I’m sure there are many other ways to monitor the feed. I’m just trying to make sure no one gets cut off.

  2. I subscribe to the Feedburner feed via Newsblur. I can’t think of any way that would have trasmitted my email address back to you, though, so I’d be surprised if you’re counting me.

    Anyways, if you post the new link or email it (since I guess you do get a valid email address with this comment), I’ll update my subscription.

    1. Hi Andy, you are not on the list of people subscribed through Feedburner, so what you are doing with Newsblur should continue to work fine. It appears to use the RSS feed direct, and not go via Feedburner.

  3. When I first read this post I didn’t really understand what you were talking about. I didn’t figure it out until I looked around and saw that ‘feedburner’ was part of the RSS feed’s URL. You may still lose some RSS followers who don’t notice that and think that this doesn’t have anything to do with them.

    1. It is complicated. Currently the feeds are redirected through the Feedburner plugin, which means that if you search for you will go to a Feedburner page. However, once I disable the plugin, that redirection should go away. So anyone who has subscribed to the feed at that address should be OK. But I can’t disable that plugin until I have given folks who are getting notifications of new content from Feedburner due warning.

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