A Streamyard Test – Cheryl & Kevin at Worldcon

Because I will be using technology new to me for the CoNZealand Fringe panel on Sunday, I decided to run a test with Kevin. We had a brief chat about how we are enjoying Virtual Worldcon so far. It all went very well, and you can see it below. I so wish I had known about StreamYard when I was doing the One25 fundraiser. It is exactly what I needed.

3 thoughts on “A Streamyard Test – Cheryl & Kevin at Worldcon

  1. Thanks, Cheryl and Kevin!

    So glad I watched. Great to see you two, after quite a span of years …

    And somehow I thought, oh, the Hugo livestream will be on Saturday, which is tomorrow night. Thank ghod you warned me it’s TONIGHT. I make it to be 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time tonight (Friday July 31) here near Boston.

    I’m hoping we mere Supporting Members can see it live. If not, perhaps tomorrow …

    1. Hi Bob, we miss you too. Thanks for getting in touch.

      The Hugo livestream should be available to everyone. Fingers crossed.

    2. Bob: The Hugo Awards are billed as being streamed free for everyone, member or not, so, bandwidth and technology permitting, you should be able to watch it. There have been challenges with the earlier major events. Fingers crossed that they’ve worked out the bugs by later today.

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