Some #GiveItUp125 Announcements

As you may have noticed, I reached my initial fundraising goal of £250 yesterday. It is great to know that I have something in the bank before I have produced anything. From tomorrow, however, the content should start streaming out, and that means plenty of opportunities to get people to contribute. So I have raised the target to £750.

Now that may seem a lot, but we are 33% of the way there already. And last year I raised £600, so I’m sure we can do it.

You may be wondering why there is a picture of bananas on this post. Well, last year Meghan & Harry Sussex made a Royal Visit to One25 (when they were doing such things) and Meghan decided to write “positive affirmations” on some of the bananas in the centre. That got all over the news. The folks at One25 have been a bit obsessed with bananas ever since, and several of them will be doing this year’s challenge dressed as a banana.

I do not have a banana suit.

But I have bananas. Six of them: one for each day of the challenge. So each day I will be channeling my inner (ex-)princess and writing a message on one (before eating it). For this I need your help. Each day I will be asking for ideas for that day’s message. It needs to be something short enough to fit on a banana, and sufficiently clean to be tweeted out. Tweet me ideas with the hashtag #GoBanana.

There’s more.

I’m delighted to announce that for the California and Canada legs of my tour I will be joined by the wonderful Nalo Hopkinson. Nalo currently lives near Los Angeles, but still calls Toronto home. Tune in to find out what she thinks of both cities.

And finally, when should you do that? Here’s the schedule:

  • Friday 15th: Italy
  • Saturday 16th: California
  • Sunday 17th: Australia
  • Monday 18th: Finland
  • Tuesday 19th: Canada
  • Wednesday 20th: France

Content will roll out here, on YouTube and on Twitter through each day. Enjoy!