Coronavirus – Day #55

With the government planning on loosening the Lockdown restrictions and me needing a few bits and pieces for cooking for the One25 Fundraiser, I decided to go to Tesco today while it is still comparatively safe to do so. I was quite late getting there as I had to wait in for an Amazon delivery, but I only had to queue for around 20 minutes to get in. Everyone was well behaved, and this time I saw four people wearing masks (out of 100+).

There’s still no flour. Not even rye flour. I’ll cope.

But they did have Welsh Cakes!

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Day #55

  1. The staff in my local shop believe they know the answer to the missing flour mystery. They say it is a combination of: (1) a lot of the packaging for bagged flour comes from China, and so first there was a shortage of packaging, and thus less flour on the shelves; (2) people started panic buying bread, so flour supplies were prioritised to go to the big bakeries like Hovis and Kingsmill, rather than to ‘personal’ home-baking supplies; and (3) the gentleman who told me this is Muslim and as he put it, Ramadan was about to start, so a million people rushed out to buy flour for making samosas and the like.

    1. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Big Tesco stores have their own in-store bakeries and it makes sense that they’d prioritise using the flour themselves over selling it to us.

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