Coronavirus – Day #47

Today I did the shopping thing. It all went very smoothly and I now have enough food to last me another two or three weeks. Interestingly the food selection in Tesco seems to have reduced somewhat since last time I was there. The cheese selection in particular was very disappointing. This suggests that Lockdown is having an effect on the food economy.

One thing that is plentiful is toilet paper. There was loads of it on the shelves. Some of it was even on sale.

On the other hand, there is still not a spoonful of flour to be had. Why that should be I do not know.

I saw only three people wearing masks. Two of those were Japanese. But everyone was well behaved.

Life continues to be busy. In addtion to the new Salon Futura, I have been working on this year’s fundraiser for One25, the Bristol charity that supports local sex workers. You may remember that last year I walked 125 miles for them. This year I will be giving up something for 125 hours. And no, it won’t be chocolate. There will be more about that next week.

Tomorrow is #MuseumFromHome Day on the BBC. I will be on social media much of the day to support my pals Dan and Sacha. I also have a contribution of my own to launch tomorrow.

And of course tomorrow there will be a new piece of Lockdown Reading.


7 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Day #47

  1. It’s interesting – except for the first week or two, when people hoarded, we haven’t had a shortage of anything in the stores. Except common sense, maybe – people still come too close and I notice people coming to the stores while sick, too.

    1. Some of us have no option but to go shopping while sick, because we have no one else to shop for us and don’t qualify for government help.

      1. Sorry, by no means did I mean to shame you – and a good reminder that I should perhaps not be so quick to judge. I don’t know about over there, but here there’s signs in every store that says don’t come in while sick, and there’s many options for getting shopping help & home delivery.

        1. The difference is that you have a government that is trying to be wise and compassionate, whereas we have a government so despicable that to describe them as a nest of snakes would be greatly unfair to innocent reptiles.

  2. Ah, you haven’t been keeping up with the current UK obsession – trying to bake your own bread. People have panic bought flour and are presumably getting their daily exercise from kneading dough for hours! 🙂

    Glad you are okay.

    1. Oh, I know all about the bread thing, but other things that were subject to panic buying are all back in stock. There’s no shortage of eggs, pasta, rice or toilet paper now. But there’s no sign of flour, or even any sign of them having had flour.

    2. My partner made some lovely and some ok breads. She is waiting for the mixer to arrive before making more, the effort/reward trade-off for hand-kneading isn’t good enough! Also, she has managed to find a new IT contract which starts Monday!

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