Coronavirus – Day #10

One of the things I have been trying to do while I am self-isolated is find ways to support local small businesses. There’s not much in town. The shops are either chains, or too small to have websites. But there are places that I can support.

We’ll start with books. I get most of my books from Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, and have been ordering from them. You might also consider Books on Hill in Clevedon, and The Portal Bookshop in York, both of which are owned by lovely people.

Also, order while you can. California has banned bookstores from doing mail order, as well as ordering them to shut their doors.

And then there’s food. The supermarkets are completely overwhelmed, but some small food shops are selling online. I was delighted to be able to place an order with The Fine Cheese Company in Bath. Not only does that help the store, it also helps the small, artisan cheese-makers whose goods they stock. And it is really good cheese, which is all you need, right?

Well maybe booze and chocolate. The lovely folks at Independent Spirit do not have mail order, which is just as well for me. One of the ways in which I can tell that I am actually still sick is that I have no appetite for alcohol. But you can buy chocolate online from Hotel Chocolat, and delivery is free on orders over £20.

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Day #10

  1. You must be on the mend, if you need to consult secondary signs to find out how you are doing. I’m glad to hear this, I’m pretty sure we’ve still got the worst ahead of us.

    1. Oh, I know how I’m doing. Permanent thick head, which is probably stuffed with mucus. Permanent tightness in upper respiratory tract leading to difficulty doing deep breathing. Tendency to coughing fits if I breath in the slightest irritant.

      All of this is minor. I can function quite well.

      It is also, I think, consistent with reports of how the virus works, in that it creates very solid mucus that is hard to get rid of.

      Anyway, wishing the very best for you folks. Stay safe. I’m not hopeful for Finncon, but I’m planning to see you next year.

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