Coronavirus – Day #4

Today I thought I would talk a bit about symptoms, because I’m confused. I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now. The last time I went out for work was the 5th. I did a brief shopping trip on the 7th. Aside from that I have been self-isolating. I have not had any flu-like symptoms, but I did gradually develop a cough which has stubbornly refused to go away. Are these virus symptoms? Who knows?

The problem is that this is a very new virus and we don’t know a lot about it. What we do know is that people are reporting very different symptoms. Some of the rich people reporting that they have tested positive say they have no symptoms at all. Other people have reported very servere flu-like symptoms that required hospitalisation. So is this something that many people will just be carriers for? Or is it something that can hang around in your body for days before things start to get serious? Is that why the self-isolation period has been extended to 14 days in the UK?

The really annoying thing for me is that during the day I generally feel fine save for the occasional cough. Today I logged a 7-hour day on the day job. But after a few hours sleep I wake up feeling dreadful. It takes me an hour or so in the morning to get going. It is all very weird.

Doubtless a whole lot of clever medical people are working on this, and they are certainly getting plenty of data. We will know a lot more soon. In the meantime I think all that we can do is assume that we know nothing. I’m sorry if that’s scary. Please remember that the vast majority of younger people will survive this, even if old folks like me don’t. But if you can keep to yourself then I think you should do so, until we know more about what is safe.

Other than that, isolation is trucking along as expected. I ate the last of the fresh tomatoes today and will miss them, but I have other fresh fruit left. I also used the last of the fresh meat making a curry that will last until the weekend. I have a haggis in the fridge. That’s good until early April. Other than that I shall be pescatarian for a while. I’ll be intersted to see how that turns out.

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Day #4

  1. Thoughts from New Zealand

    We have 20 confirmed cases and no deaths. Everyone arriving from overseas has to self isolate for 14 days. Most people are doing just that, but two people who refused have been deported, so we certainly are taking things seriously.

    But what does isolation mean? Here it’s fairly open — you are certainly not under house arrest. You can go walking (walking is important to me; I have a large dog who needs exercise) and you can wander around your neighborhood even if you haven’t got a dog! There’s a sanitary distance between walkers…

    Shopping is iffy, but many places deliver and friends can shop for you. All in all it is an inconvenience (at the moment) rather than a crisis. The NZ government seems to be doing everything right. Well done Jacinda!!

    Take care of yourself. Hopefully we’ll see you again down here when this is all over.


  2. Hi, Cheryl. My husband’s job started the work-from-home initiative just this week, and at this point about half of the people he works with seem to have that dry cough and the fatigue, some of them quite young. They lack the hallmark symptom of Covid-19, which is assumed to be the fever, perhaps because only the fever gets you tested right now. Aggressive hydration helps some. More water than you could possibly want to drink, and then tea! I think you’re wise to stay in. Whatever it is, it’s unlikely to improve your immune response. Best, Susan Loyal

    1. Hi Susan, good to know that there is some testing happening. Over here no one is getting tested unless they are rich or in very key jobs.

      I will try the aggressive hydration idea. Though doubtless that means I’ll be awake in the night for other reasons.

      1. There’s a blues song in there somewhere about leaving a light on in the loo. Clear a path, though. I always think I’ll remember to step over my husband’s shoes, and then I don’t.

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