New Year, New Look

No, not me, the blog.

As you have presumably noticed, there’s a new theme in place here. This wasn’t planned. Some very old themes don’t support mutliple screen sizes very well. In particular they tend to be designed for PCs rather than tablets or phones. Modern themes are designed with portability in mind. Now you can get clever stuff that will adjust your theme for mobile devices (in the Jetpack plugin, WordPress veterans), but that is being retired this year.

There are a lot of sites that I manage, and many of them use a themes that are up to 10 years old and which need an update. Also many of them are text-heavy, and most modern blog themese assume that every post will have an associated image. So finding a replacement theme that a) works on a text-heavy site; b) is free; and c) isn’t likely to become unsupported in a year or two; will not be easy.

This theme is Penscratch which looks specifically designed for a text-heavy site. It is also created by Automattic who own WordPress so it is likely to stick around for a while.

The header image is from Pixabay. It has cats and books, which seems kind of appropriate.

I will probably fiddle with the look of the thing for a while yet. In the meantime if you spot anything that is not working in the theme (not broken links, there are bound to be lots of those) then please let me know.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

  1. Definitely an improvement regarding layout, especially on a phone!

    The contrast between text and background is pretty low, at least for my eyes, so making the text a bit darker (or perhaps using a heavier font face) would probably improve legibility.

    The annoying ”privacy and cookie policy” box does not seem to go away no matter how many times I accept the use of cookies.

    Also, the preview button for comments isn’t working for me (Safari on an iPad).

  2. Thanks! I will take a look at the theme to see if I can do anything easily about the font colour. It certainly could be darker.

    The cookie box is a relic of when the GDPR law first came in and the Jetpack offering didn’t work. I used a separate plugin to ensure I was covered, but Jetpack’s version is now OK and is actually installed, so I have removed the additional plugin. I think it all still works, but I need to check it from another IP address.

    Comment preview doesn’t work for me either. That may be a bug in the theme.

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