Åland Bound

Tomorrow I will starting my journey to the Åland Islands for this year’s Åcon. I’m staying over in London tomorrow night as I have an early flight from Heathrow to Helsinki on Wednesday. Then, ridiculously early on Thursday, it is off to Tukru and the ferry to Mariehamn. Thankfully I’m not driving. I will doubtless activate my cat genes and sleep on the road.

This year’s Åcon Guest of Honour is Emma Newman, and the convention gets two writers for the price of one as Pete will be going too. It should be an excellent weekend.

And for those of you who are wondering about that little accent mark above the A, the name of the convention is pronounced (more or less) Awecon. Because it is awesome, obviously.

3 thoughts on “Åland Bound

  1. I have a faint recollection of seeing you mention bringing The Green Man Can Fly hard copies to Åcon. Apus, one, thanks!

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