The TransGeek Movie – Coming Soon #TDOV

Way back in 2012 I was interviewed (in the lovely surroundings of Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights) for a project called the TransGeek Movie. In 2015 there was a Kickstarter campaign to fund extra filming and production. Now at last the film is done, and it is being offered to film festivals around the world.

With any luck some big ones will take it and you’ll hear a lot more about the film, but either way once the current round of festivals is over it will be made generally available. I’m hoping we can do something for Trans Pride in Bristol this year.

As I am in it, I got sent a link to a preview screening. Good timing meant that Kevin and I were able to watch it together. The bits with me in are not too embarrassing (though the interview is almost 6 years old so I can’t enthuse about April Daniels as I would have done had I been talking today). More importantly it contains contributions from Julia Rios and Alicia E. Goranson, from Naomi Cedar, from Jennell Jaquays and Becky Heineman, and from many other well known and successful trans people. If nothing else it is a fabulous piece of oral history. I hope you get to see it soon.