Trans Geek Movie Kickstarter

Making movies can take a long time, especially when you don’t have a huge budget. Back in 2012 I was interviewed for something called Trans*Geek Movie. After three years, and some 60 hours of interviews, the folks behind the film are finally on the last lap and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed for the final few interviews and post-production. This is, of course, also a good way of pre-ordering your copy of the film (and trust me it will not be coming to a cinema near you). It should be a very important cultural document, particularly in view of all of the nonsense that has gone on around trans women in the gaming community in the years since I did my interview.

With any luck, the bits with me in won’t make the final cut, but if you want to have a good laugh at how horrible I look on film, and also listen to some very smart other trans people talk about their work, you can see a series of clips from the early interviews here.

2 thoughts on “Trans Geek Movie Kickstarter

  1. You don’t look horrible in the slightest. (Not that you need validation from me, but, you know, just saying.) And you speak truly. I hope your bits do indeed stay in.

  2. Sorry to say, there is no way out for you. (^_^) You will be in the final cut.

    Not only are you an articulate and authentic voice, but you have compelling things to say.

    And though it is quite beside the point, you look wonderful on camera.

    Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, and thank you for spreading the word about this important documentary.

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