A Virtual Pirate Party

Thanks to some conversations during Eurocon, the lovely people at The Future Fire have offered to run a virtual pirate party this coming weekend to help raise awareness for the Piracity crowdfunding campaign. Details are available here.

I’m going to be very busy towards the end of the week with Trans Day of Remembrance things. Thankfully, because the official day falls on a Sunday, everyone seems to be scheduling events for earlier in the week. Come the weekend I am going to be in need of something cheerful to think about.

Of course the Piracity campaign is ongoing. Tomorrow we’ll have an update from Eugene Byrne about some of Bristol’s pirate connections. Hopefully we will have made it to 20% funded before then. You can pledge here.

2 thoughts on “A Virtual Pirate Party

  1. Do you know what rememberance events are planned in Bristol? I haven’t been able to find any information.

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