Mildly Spoilerific Doctor Strange Review

Which I will put under a cut because it helps some people, though of course it doesn’t work on all platforms.

I had been very worried about this film. I am now relieved. Which is not to say that it is wonderful, but it isn’t a disaster.

So, what did I make of it?

1. Benedict Cumberbatch looks superb as Strange. He’s somewhat more wisecracky than I expected, but that’s OK.

2. Tilda Swinton is nothing like The Ancient One. She is, however, an interesting character. She’s much more modern and fun than the original. And the film uses that to make fun of some of the Eastern Mystic stereotypes on which the original comic was based.

3. Having said that, they could have done all of those things with an Asian actress.

4. Wong, on the other hand, gets rather better treatment. He’s a master sorcerer in his own right and has his own Sanctum in Hong Kong. That’s a big step up from a household servant.

5. We all knew that Mordo was going to turn bad, right? Black character. Villain. *sigh*

6. Because they have to compress Stephen’s training and an all-action finale into a 2-hour film it is all a bit too easy for him.

7. I loved the fact that all of the panoramic shots of New York clearly showed the Avengers tower, and that Stephen is given a chance to operate on Rhodey before his accident.

8. Rachel McAdams does a good job as Christine Palmer, and I can see why they need a mortal woman in this film. However, once audiences are used to the magical stuff I want to see Clea. It’s a love triangle, right? Hollywood laps that stuff up.

9. The special effects in the real-world scenes are very clever, though are perhaps easier than they look because it is all math.

10. The special effects outside the real world are nowhere near as good. They’ve tried to reproduce the iconic Ditko artwork, but have added way too much detail which only succeeds in making it muddy.

11. I’m very happy that we have Dormammu, but he doesn’t always appear as a giant head. Someone needs to play him in the next film.

12. The Cloak of Levitation is the star of the show.

13. As always, some of the best stuff is showing during the credits. Do not get up and leave until the film is over.

2 thoughts on “Mildly Spoilerific Doctor Strange Review

  1. Mordo could have Died Heroically protecting Strange, which would have been far worse (don’t any one reply with “Well…” please).

    I’ll see the film and find out if the villany had a reason behind it other than a plot point out of nowhere to surprise the audience with. Not expecting anything as nuanced as the Operative in ‘Serenity’, but I can hope for something in between.

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