Trans Equality Update

If you want some confirmation that the TERFs did themselves more harm than good by trying to disrupt Tuesday’s meeting in Westminister, just check out this report from a young woman who is doing a year’s placement work in Parliament.

Also something new and interesting is happening. It is called the Trans Equality Legal Initiative, and it is a joint effort between trans activists and human rights lawyers. I’m a big fan of what the Transgender Law Center has done for trans rights in the USA, and if these folks can deliver the same sort of service in the UK that would be very valuable indeed.

Parliament isn’t the only place where laws are created. Legal precedent is also a very important area. Test cases can clarify what laws actually mean, or flag up the need for Parliamentary action. And what has been happening in courts with regard to cases of obtaining sex “by deception” has been hugely harmful to trans people. We need highly qualified specialists who can take on these cases and win them for us.

2 thoughts on “Trans Equality Update

  1. The report by the young woman doing a placement in Parliament is private. Unless I’m being particularly stupid, drugged up on painkillers today so that’s a defintie possibility.

    1. It wasn’t yesterday because I read it. I suspect she may have attracted some unwelcome attention.

      Much sympathy on the painkillers. I was like that all Friday and Saturday.

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