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One of the things that was different on this trip to Helsinki is that the train from the airport is now in service. As a service to Worldcon members, and a gift to Kevin, here is a brief report.

Helsinki airport has two terminals linked by an underground tunnel. Just like the Heathrow Express, their train leaves from a station located in the tunnel. All trains go to Helsinki, but as the route is a loop you may need to get a train going the right way if you want the convention center stop.

Helsinki has an Oyster-style travel card. Travel from the airport to Helsinki is a 2-Zone journey. Travel between Helsinki central and the convention center is single-zone. You don’t have to touch out, which is why you have to select the journey type. Fares vary a bit dependent on how you buy the ticket, and anyway may be different next year, but they seem reasonable (unless you are paying in GBP which may be worthless by next year).


The trains are comfortable, quiet and roomy. There is plenty of space for luggage. There are power points at the seats if you need them (EU plugs, obviously).


I didn’t time the trip properly, but it was about half an hour. The train does make several stops along the way. It appears to be usable as a commuter service as well as for the airport. Here it is stood in Helsinki station.


The final stop before Helsinki is Pasila, where the convention center is. You can’t miss the place: it is huge and the train stops right next to it. They are currently hosting a Jehovah’s Witness convention.


All-gender toilet. Could do with better signage but otherwise pretty good.

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  1. Also I was told that the Worldcon 75 membership will include local ticket, so once you have your registration packet picked up, check it: if this is the case, you should be able to travel all around zone 1.

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