Sorry Prof. Einstein, But…

To cap a week of wild science stories, here’s a claim from CERN that they have measured neutrinos traveling at faster than the speed of light.

That one I’m taking with a pinch of salt for now, but if it can be reproduced that’s all sorts of excitement for theoretical physics.

Update: And, you know, sometimes caution is warranted. Thanks to Andrew Butler for pointing me at this.

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3 Responses to Sorry Prof. Einstein, But…

  1. Mike Scott says:

    That story is from 2011, and made big news at the time, but was later found to be a calibration error.

  2. The story from autumn 2011 was appraised by our physicist (Graham C.) and considered erroneous as we reported January 2012

    And as Andrew’s link (in your update) points out the lead scientist resigned in March.

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