Home Alone

Christmas is a time when we all get bombarded with messages about how good it is to spend time with family and give each other presents. For many LGBT people, of course, Christmas is a time when either they get forced to spend time with family who despise them, or when they are on their own because they have been ostracized by their families.

I’m very used to spending Christmas on my own. I almost prefer it, although of course it would be much better if Kevin was with me. But I am by no means alone. I do, after all, have you lot.

Yesterday I posted a tweet showing me wearing the jacket that Kevin bought me for Christmas (and which was actually the only present I got). To date it has been liked and commented on by over 100 people on Twitter and Facebook. Those people have come from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Croatia, Italy, Ukraine, Trinidad and Brazil (and possibly a few other countries I have missed). Alone? Ha! You people are awesome.

Thank you!

Update: The Netherlands and Switzerland now added.

Update 2: Knew I’d forgotten somewhere: South Africa. Sorry Lauren.

5 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. As well it should be; it was an awesome jacket. I wish I lived near you. But until I meet you in person, I’ll save up your Christmas presents. How’s a bottle of rum every year sound 😉?

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