August BristolCon Fringe Podcasts

Oh my, I have got so far behind with these. Sorry folks. Editing audio is a very time-consuming business. Thankfully with the year winding down to a close I have been able to make a start on catching up. The August Fringe readings are now available to listen to, and with any luck the October ones will be available early in the New Year. I can’t go much faster than that because of capacity limits on the Podbean account.

The first reader for August was David Gullen who entertained us with a tale of monkeys, keyboards and works of literature, complete with sound effects (and rather a lot of swearing on behalf of one of the monkeys). I really like this story.

Following David we had Gaie Sebold who gave us three pieces of flash fiction. The first was a re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood; the second involved an encounter with fairies; and the third a great deal of scrubbing and polishing. Also she had great shoes, and aquamarine hair.

Finally we had the Q&A session. There was talk of intelligent monkeys, fairy tales, growing old, and living in a two-writer household. We said Happy Birthday to Kevin.

There was also a lot of talk about this year’s BristolCon and Bristol Festival of Literature. Sadly those are now long in the past, but you can always look forward to next year. Pete Sutton mentioned the Fantastically Horny anthology. I’m not quite sure where they are on that one — the website says they are still open to submissions — but as far as I know my story, “Camelot Girls Go Wild”, has been accepted.

The next Fringe will be on Monday. The readers will be Simon Kewin and Sarah Ash. Details here. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

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  1. Pete Sutton says:

    Fantastically Horny has closed for submissions & yes your story has been accepted. The contracts will be coming out before the end of the year hopefully 🙂

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