Greetings from Cambridge

Yeah, I’m over the other side of the country again. I am in Cambridge for the annual LGBT History Month Showcase, which is a sort of preview event for the following February. It is being held in Queens’ College, and I’m just catching up on the email before getting changed for the evening festivities. I shall report back tomorrow once I have got home.

Of course with it being Thanksgiving weekend nearly all of my clients are on vacation so things are nice and quiet, which is just as well. Also spending a couple of days on trains is good for catching up with the reading. I am happy to report that Nnedi’s The Book of Phoenix is just as good as I expected.

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Cambridge

  1. I look forward to reading your insightful and entertaining commentary. (I just read that back and it sounds stilted but I can’t think of a better phrase just now. Be assured it is genuine.)

    You might be interested to know that it is Queens’ College and they are very particular about it. In my day, they were known for rejecting all applications with the incorrect apostrophe. I imagine all present day applicants have a mighty battle with auto correct over that one. If you get chance it might be fun to ask one of the porters about it.

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